Imajely Bundle Review

Imajely Bundle Review

Welcome to the Imajely Bundle Review: Embracing Visual Creativity Unveil a groundbreaking graphic design encounter through our Imajely review, merging innovation with an intuitive design approach. Imajely transcends being just a tool; it serves as a creative ally, enabling both individuals and businesses to effortlessly create top-tier graphics. This extensive review guides you through its array of features, advantages, and distinctive offerings, providing an immersive journey into its capabilities.

In a landscape where visual storytelling holds unparalleled significance, selecting the right graphic design tool isn’t merely a choice; it stands as a pivotal strategic move towards success. Imajely emerges as a game-changing force in the creative realm, transcending conventional boundaries and presenting a myriad of advantages that extend far beyond the basics. Within this piece, we plunge into the immersive universe of Imajely, uncovering its ability to empower both individuals and businesses in effortlessly crafting captivating designs, elevating their visual content, and fundamentally altering the approach to graphic creativity. Prepare for a journey where innovation seamlessly merges with accessibility, and the limitless potential of imagination takes center stage. Welcome to the Imajely Advantage.

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  • Vendor: Misan Morrison
  • Product: Imajely
  • Launch Date: 27th Nov23
  • Bonuses: Yes, Check it Out at my final remark.
  • Front End Price: Starts at $37.
  • Official website : Click here
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommendable
  • Refund: 30 Days Money Back
  • Niche: Software

Imajely stands as an intelligent and user-friendly graphic design solution catering to all skill levels, from novices to seasoned experts, enabling the effortless creation of striking visuals. Fueled by Artificial Intelligence, it swiftly generates a wide array of designs and realistic animations, positioning itself as the preferred choice for individuals and businesses aiming to produce top-notch graphics without requiring extensive design knowledge. Whether you’re a marketer, freelancer, or an individual seeking to craft attention-grabbing content, Imajely provides an easily navigable platform housing over 500 templates. This accessibility transforms graphic design into an enjoyable and inclusive experience for all.

Sure, here’s a rephrased version of the content:

“Craft Stunning Designs and Engaging Animations Featuring Unique Tools, All Within 3 Easy Steps…

First Step: Choose Pick from a Diverse Collection of 500+ Ready-Made Templates Across 50+ Specialized Fields, or start from scratch!

Second Step: Design Utilize Our Intuitive AI-Powered Editor, Packed with Robust Features for Effortless Creation!

Third Step: Share Share Your Creations Instantly by Sharing Links, Downloading, or Embedding – All in Just a Few Clicks!”

This revised version aims to communicate the same information in a more conversational tone, maintaining the essence of the original content while simplifying the language for better readability and engagement.

Effortless Crafting Through Intuitive Design:

  • Easily produce captivating infographics, presentations, and social media posts with our user-friendly design editor.

Limitless Creative Freedom Across Unlimited Projects:

  • Imajely liberates your creativity, enabling worry-free exploration across countless projects.

Enhance Designs Using Varied Media:

  • Elevate your creations by integrating a diverse range of stock photos, icons, shapes, and animation presets for added flair.

Dynamic Touch with Animated Stickers:

  • Infuse animated stickers from Giphy for a personalized touch and liveliness in your designs.

Instant Background Removal for Photos:

  • Achieve professional-grade images effortlessly by swiftly removing backgrounds with a single click.

Secure Personal Media Storage of 1 GB:

  • Upload and store essential images and fonts, ensuring easy access to your crucial resources.

Efficient Collaboration for Teams of Up to Five:

  • Streamline design processes by collaborating with a team of up to five members, fostering enhanced teamwork.

Controlled Access via Passcode Protection:

  • Maintain design control with passcode-protected access, ensuring authorized and secure editing.

Engaging Animations with Monthly Animation Time:

  • Create detailed and engaging animations with up to 60 minutes of monthly animation time.

Versatile Output Formats for Flexibility:

  • Tailor your designs to any format (PNG, JPEG, MP4, GIF) for seamless compatibility across different platforms.

Effortless Backup and Sharing with Cloud Integration:

  • Easily back up and share designs via popular cloud drives like OneDrive, GDrive, and Dropbox.

Direct Social Media Sharing to Mobile Devices:

  • Swiftly share designs directly to mobile devices for quick and hassle-free social media posting.

Website Enhancement Through Direct Integration:

  • Embed designs directly onto your website to enhance portfolios or promote services.

Quick Start with Professionally Designed Templates:

  • Begin projects promptly with access to over 500 customizable templates across various niches.

Convenient Media Import from Cloud Storage:

  • Effortlessly import media from cloud storage drives like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

AI Assistant for Smart Guidance and Suggestions:

  • Benefit from an AI assistant providing suggestions, answering queries, and aiding in custom design creation.

Comprehensive Solution for Enhanced Productivity:

  • Imajely goes beyond a mere design tool, boosting productivity, enhancing collaboration, and elevating design quality with unmatched accessibility and effortless sharing capabilities.
  • Access to the design editor and all editing features
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Access to media libraries, stock photos, animation presets, Icons, Colored icons, SVG shapes, and clipping masks.
  • Giphy integration for animated stickers supports custom GIF
  • One-click photo background removal. With 5 request capacity monthly
  • 1 GB storage capacity for media uploads
  • Share projects with up to 5 people maximum
  • Share and Lock design access with passcode.
  • 60 minutes(3600 seconds) maximum animation time monthly
  • Export design to PNG, JPEG, APNG, WEBP, PDF, EPS, SVG, Mp4, GIF, APNG format
  • Export final designs to cloud drives like Onedrive, Gdrive, and Dropbox
  • Send design directly to mobile devices to easily share on social media platforms
  • Embed design on your web page
  • Access to 500 templates in different niches
  • Import media from cloud storage drives like Onedrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Access our smart A.I. assistant right inside the design editor

Video Chroma: Remove solid backgrounds from videos and replace them with good-looking backgrounds or stock photos.

Audio Visualizer: Create a visual representation of audio. feedback and export it to MP4 format. Good for sharing on social media or audiobooks.

Image Revealer: Reveal image using special entrance effect.

Product Box: Quickly generate 3D product boxes.

CD Cover: Create Cd label, disk with shadow and light effect.

QR Code: Create a custom QR code design. Add a logo or custom image.

Photo Collage: Create a Photo Collage With up to 100 photos. Add frames.

Podcast Cover: Make a podcast visual from audio. Export as MP4, Audio, or JPEG Image.

Photo Grid: Split the photo into a nice grid. Suit a ble for Instagram column.

Audio Joiner: Join up to 100 audio tracks together to create a long seamless audio masterpiece. Add ID tags and album art.

Video2GIF: Convert video to GIF. Create short animated memes and stickers.

Enable the Video Layer

Access to over 5m stock videos

Share projects with up to 10 people maximum

120 minutes(7200 seconds) maximum animation time monthly

One-click photo background removal. With 25 request capacity monthly

5 GB storage capacity for media uploads

Get a monthly template update

Access to our unique designs (We share a link to our top design which you can customize)

DFY Agency Website

DFY Graphics

DFY Video Ads

DFY Client Proposals

DFY Presentation Slides

DFY Emails to close deals

DFY Call Scripts

Imajely stems from the collaboration between Misan Morrison, a seasoned software developer, and Abhinav Jain, an expert in animation. With years of industry experience, they’ve garnered acclaim for their previous ventures.

As the lead developer, Misan Morrison is dedicated to aiding marketers in achieving remarkable results without excessive expenditure or time investment. This motivation led to the creation of Imajely, a robust and user-friendly design software.

His proficiency extends across multiple successful products, including Prestige Audio AI, AI Funnels, Copy Hack Box, Audio Studio, Smart Writer, and others.

Are you intrigued by Imajely, his latest innovation? I’m thrilled to share more details about it!

As a Digital Marketer I make lots of intro videos. I save more than $500 using imajely logo reveal tool . They have lots of reveal templates with new ones added just when you need it. No more having to use different tools since I can make both design and intro video with just one tool. Good job to the team

Akpomedaye O. Victory

Digital Marketer

I am a digital marketer and I make lots of animated graphics. From GIF to animated stickers. I realized that Imajely supports transparent GIF out of the box. This saves me having to pay for extra tools for creating quality transparent GIF for my work.

Deepanker Singh Rajora

Digital Marketer

I needed to make animated banners for my sales campaign. I like how easy it is to start creating one. And I must point out that the giphy GIF sticker support is amazing. Exactly what I needed for my campaigns.

Steve Taripanye Irimagha

Digital Marketer

The A.I image remix is a game changer. This has saved me from having to spend thousands of $ on stock photos platforms. I could create richer and more unique design assets for my freelance work.

Seun Ogundele

Digital Marketer

I got fired from my job recently. But I was able to afford imajely because of how cheap it is. I made my first $800 and I decided to save up and start my own design agency with the business suite plan.

Paul Vincent

Design Agency

The app has lots of hidden potentials. I love how I could design animated sprite and import into my video editing tool. This has saved me lots of money and time.

Miracle Onochie

Video Creator

Imajely’s transparent GIF support saved costs, and the AI image generation feature elevated my graphics quality. This directly contributed to a 20% increase in engagement, translating to an additional $700 in revenue. A smart investment for any digital marketer.

Gwendolyn Glow

Digital Marketer

Imajely’s logo reveal tool saved me over $500, and with the AI image generation feature, I’ve created high-quality visuals for clients. This resulted in an increase in my freelance income by $1,000 within a month. Kudos to the team for these lucrative solution

Isabella Iris


However, not all templates are created equally; some may be outdated, lackluster, or challenging to personalize. This is where Imajely steps in—a powerful, user-friendly application empowering users to craft remarkable designs and animations using templates.

Imajely boasts an extensive array of appealing templates catering to diverse niches and purposes, totaling over 500+ options. You can either select from these templates or start from scratch, customizing your designs effortlessly via the AI-powered editor, granting complete control over every design aspect.

AI-driven design and animation represent the future of marketing. These technologies assist in creating attention-grabbing content that effectively communicates intricate concepts and drives sales. Imajely serves as the ideal tool to harness AI’s potential in your design and animation endeavors.

Why hesitate? Embrace this remarkable product now and embark on creating stunning designs and animations with Imajely. You won’t need to invest extensive time or energy since Imajely handles the bulk of the work for you.

With Imajely, you can craft designs and animations that captivate your audience and elevate your website traffic. Leveraging AI’s capabilities to create designs and animations for your clients can yield remarkable outcomes, impressing and engaging your audience effectively.

Imajely presents diverse pricing plans tailored to meet the varied needs of individual users based on their business requisites and desired outcomes. Here’s an overview of Imajely’s pricing structure:

Bundle: Imajely Bundle — Apply Coupon IMAJELY50off to Save $50 on the Bundle. FE: Imajely Commercial ($37) — Use Coupon IMAJELY10off for a $10 Discount on the FE. OTO 1: Imajely Super Saver Pass — One-Time Price of $247 (Use Coupon IMAJELYSSP50off for $50 OFF): Includes OTOs 2, 3, 4, and 5 at a discounted price, saving you $181.

OTO 2: Imajely Creative — One-Time Price of $67: Encompasses Video Chroma, Audio Visualizer, Image Revealer, Product Box, CD Cover, QR Code, Photo Collage, Podcast Cover, Photo Grid, Audio Joiner, Video2GIF.

OTO 3: Imajely Elite — One-Time Price of $67: Incorporates Video Layer, Access to 5m+ stock videos, Share projects with up to 10 people, 120 minutes (7200 seconds) of animation time monthly, 25 background removal requests monthly, 5 GB storage.

OTO 4: Imajely Template Club — $27 per month / $197 per year: Provides monthly template updates and unique designs for customization.

OTO 5: Imajely Agency — One-Time Price of $97: Comprises DFY Agency Website, Graphics, Video Ads, Client Proposals, Presentation Slides, Emails, and Call Scripts for a complete agency setup.

Imajely offers a comprehensive array of choices, covering basic functionalities, advanced features, and agency-grade solutions.

The FE Offer is the primary Imajely software, available at $17. Early bird access offers a discounted rate for swift action.

Upon upgrading, users gain access to unlimited page creation, templates, and overall program usage without constraints. Nevertheless, even without upgrades, the front-end access remains valuable, albeit with specific functional limitations.

Choose the plan that aligns best with your company’s specific requirements. Act promptly, as the pricing is subject to availability for a limited time. Imajely is currently offered at a discounted one-time cost, with prices increasing hourly.

Imajely stands as an essential tool, catering to a diverse range of individuals and businesses aiming to elevate their graphic design capabilities and create visually captivating content. Here’s a breakdown highlighting the key beneficiaries of Imajely:

  1. Small Business Owners:
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking professional graphics for marketing, social media, and promotional materials.
  • Marketing Professionals:
  • Experts in marketing looking for a user-friendly solution to craft compelling visuals for advertising campaigns, presentations, and promotional content.
  • Freelancers:
  • Independent designers seeking a versatile and efficient platform to meet various design needs for their clients.
  • Content Creators:
  • Bloggers, vloggers, and content creators aiming to produce eye-catching visuals for their online platforms.
  • Social Media Managers:
  • Individuals managing social media accounts requiring a quick and easy tool to generate engaging graphics.
  • Website Owners:
  • Individuals with personal or business websites aiming to enhance their site’s visual appeal.
  • Agency Owners:
  • Owners of design or marketing agencies looking to provide powerful yet user-friendly tools for their teams.
  • Students and Educators:
  • Students working on projects or educators creating engaging visual content for lessons and presentations.
  • Event Planners:
  • Professionals organizing events in need of visually appealing promotional materials, invitations, and graphics.
  1. Product Sellers:
  • E-commerce businesses or product sellers seeking attractive product images, banners, and promotional materials.
  1. Individuals Without Design Expertise:
  • Those with minimal design skills seeking an accessible tool to bring their creative ideas to life effortlessly.
  1. Creative Enthusiasts:
  • Hobbyists or individuals exploring their creative side, desiring an intuitive platform to visually express their ideas.

Imajely is ingeniously designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of users, ranging from novices to professionals, providing a versatile and user-friendly solution for various graphic design needs. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, freelancer, or simply seeking to enhance visual content, Imajely offers an accessible and enjoyable design process tailored to your requirements.

 • Intuitive User Interface: Imajely’s editor is exceptionally user-friendly, making design accessible even for non-professionals.

 • Boundless Creativity: Unrestricted projects allow for limitless imagination without any constraints.

 • Diverse Media Resources: Access to a wealth of stock photos, icons, and shapes enriches your design possibilities.

 • Dynamic Animation Enhancement: Integration with Giphy brings animated stickers, adding a personal touch to designs.

 • Effortless Background Removal: Swiftly remove backgrounds for professional-grade images with just one click.

• Ample Storage and Collaboration: Enjoy 1 GB of storage and collaborate with up to five team members, streamlining creative processes.

• Security and Control: Passcode-protected access ensures control over your designs according to your rules.

• Animation Capabilities: Benefit from 60 minutes of monthly animation time, engaging your audience like never before.

• Versatile Output Formats: Tailor your designs to preferred formats like PNG, JPEG, MP4, or GIF.

• Seamless Integration: Effortlessly export to the cloud and share directly with mobile devices for convenience.

• Professional Templates: Access over 500 customizable templates, providing a head start for your projects.

• Intelligent AI Assistance: Imajely serves as more than just a tool, offering suggestions within the editor.

Imajely Bundle Review

While Imajely offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider its limitations:

• One-Time Fee: While it’s a great deal, there’s a one-time fee. Use “IMAJELY10off” for an additional $10 discount.

• Advanced Features in Upgrades: Certain advanced features like video chroma and enhanced collaboration are available in the upgrades.

In summary, Imajely represents your gateway to design freedom. It’s not merely a tool; it’s a creative companion. For those serious about elevating their design game, Imajely stands as a game-changer.

Q1: What distinguishes Imajely from other design tools?

A1: Imajely isn’t just a typical design tool; it stands as the pioneering and most advanced all-in-one design and animation technology globally, boasting distinctive features that set it apart from other available options online.

Q2: How user-friendly is Imajely and what’s its functioning process?

A2: Imajely streamlines the design process through three simple steps: Choose from 500+ templates or start from scratch, design using our intuitive AI-powered editor, and effortlessly publish by sharing, downloading, or embedding. It offers a user-friendly experience, backed by comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials.

Q3: Is Imajely compatible with Mac, Windows, or Linux?

A3: Absolutely! Imajely is platform-agnostic, accessible via a browser, ensuring compatibility across Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Q4: Will I receive guidance on using Imajely?

A4: Certainly! Our extensive video tutorials walk you through each phase, ensuring you maximize Imajely’s functionalities effectively.

Q5: Does Imajely require a monthly fee?

A5: No monthly fees! Imajely breaks away from conventional norms by providing extensive functionality for a single, low one-time payment—an exclusive offering for those purchasing today.

Q6: How can I monetize Imajely?

A6: Imajely opens up six profitable avenues:

  • Creating and selling custom designs and animations.
  • Offering design and animation services.
  • Creating and selling online courses.
  • Creating and selling stock designs and animations.
  • Offering Imajely training and consulting services.
  • Creating and selling themed merchandise for any cause.

Q7: Is purchasing Imajely today crucial?

A7: Absolutely! Unlike tools with recurring fees, Imajely offers unmatched flexibility and functionality for a one-time payment. Act now to secure exclusive bonuses that may be withdrawn from this page without notice.

Q8: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A8: Absolutely! Your satisfaction is paramount. If you’re not entirely satisfied with Imajely, contact us for a hassle-free refund—no questions asked.

Imajely Bundle Review

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